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[Issue 1] New - Code for agiledox-like file export


Author deadonarrival
Full name Erlend Oftedal
Date 2006-09-12 00:36:11 PDT
Message http://nspec.tigris.​org/issues/show_bug.​cgi?id=1
                 Issue #|1
                 Summary|Code for agiledox-like file export
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|FEATURE
             Assigned to|timhaughton
             Reported by|deadonarrival

------- Additional comments from deadonarrival at tigris dot org Tue Sep 12 00:36:11 -0700 2006 -------
In the zip above, I've added code for creating an agildox-like feature. It
basically creates an additional text-file describing the basic behaviour of your
Let's say you have written behaviour for a Stack:
public class StackBehaviour {
        public void ShouldRemovePoppedElement() {
                ...some code...
        public void ShouldThrowException​OnPoppingEmptyStack(​) {
                ...some code...
        ...some more specifications...

The generated text file will simply contain:

        Stack Behaviour
        * Should Remove Popped Element
        * Should Throw Exception On Popping Empty Stack
        * ... rest of specifications ...

The headers are the name of the classes, and the list elements are the names of
the specifications. This way the behaviour will be really easy to read.

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[Issue 1] New - Code for agiledox-like file export deadonarrival Erlend Oftedal 2006-09-12 00:36:11 PDT
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